Governing Bodies

The local Presbytery, a body of church elders and ministers, representative of the churches in the greater Twin Cities area, is considered the primary external governing organization. The presbytery oversees the installation and ordination of ministers, congregational formation and dissolution, and clergy and congregational discipline.

Regional ministry is facilitated by synods, comprised of church elders and ministers. House of Hope is a member of the Synod of Lakes and Prairies.

The General Assembly is the national governing body of the Presbyterian Church (USA). It is an elected body comprised of elders and ministers, and is convened by the Moderator. The General Assembly meets annually to propose constitutional and doctrinal changes (which are then passed to the Presbyteries for ratification), and establishes special tasks forces and commissions.

The Session. The internal governance of House of Hope is managed by The Session, a group of people (sometimes called “elders”) elected to make policy, receive members, assign benevolence gifts, direct worship and the sacraments, and oversee church business. Read the Session Covenant here.

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The Board of Trustees consists of people elected to oversee church properties, assist in raising funds during the annual canvas, supervise the operating budget and investment portfolio, and review church secular management. This board is responsible to The Session.

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The Board of Deacons is a group of people elected to serve the needs of the congregation and community. Programs overseen by deacons to help our neighbors include church service, care of members, ushering, new members classes, and community programs. This board is responsible to The Session.

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Additional Links
Presbyterian Church U.S.A.
The Presbyterian Church (USA) has a comprehensive website that includes online versions of its periodicals, links to related organizations, education and youth ministry resources, and many informational pages.

Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area
The Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area is made up of 63 congregations located near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. It includes churches in the Western suburbs, Southeastern Minnesota, and Western Wisconsin. 

Synod of Lakes and Prairies
The website for the Synod of Lakes and Prairies lists the presbyteries and congregations for this region.

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