Peace and Justice

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”  – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peacemaking and striving for social justice are key to the mission of House of Hope – locally, nationally, and internationally. House of Hope fully embraces the Peace and Justice efforts of the Presbyterian Church USA through the Peace and Justice Committee.

The Peace and Justice Committee is a standing committee of House of Hope Session with the following purposes:

  • To provide a church forum for peacemaking and justice issues;
  • To identify issues for which advocacy is needed;
  • To provide information and education for the congregation;
  • To bring opportunities for advocacy to the attention of the congregation;
  • To operate in a non-partisan manner recognizing that people of good will, found in both and all political parties, are interested in peace and social justice, but may differ in approach and solutions;
  • To respond to local, national, and international issues that affect the church, eliciting its response.

The Peace and Justice Committee is planning another active year in 2019, but to be truly successful, we need your involvement. We organized into seven working groups and developed position statements and action plans that outline for each working group. To obtain a copy of a position statement or to become involved, contact the working group leader listed below. We look forward to an exciting and active year.  —Deb James and Michael Nord, Co-Chairs


Environmental Stewardship: Deb James, (651) 431-1796,

Child Abuse Prevention: Jill Winter, (612)702-2978,

Health Care Reform: Lee Jamison, (651) 278-8962,

Criminal Justice: Don Vandenberg, (651) 649-0105,

Reducing Investment in the U.S. Military Industrial Complex: Derek Robb, (651) 434-1813,

Gun Violence Prevention: Michael Nord, (612) 384-7675,

Advancing Housing Equity: Jeanne Bailey, (651) 343-8516,