Mission Statement

As Christians and Presbyterians, we believe in the grace and promises of God, as revealed in Scripture, and in Jesus Christ, who make clear both the character of God and humanity in its most gracious form.

We gather to glorify God; to experience and express God’s love; to explore together the meaning of Jesus’ teaching in our time; to build a community that reflects God’s grace; and to deepen our faith through worship, learning, fellowship and service, guided by God’s Spirit.

We are committed to using our resources in service to others, and to supporting and enriching our members spiritually, intellectually, socially, and artistically.

Soli Deo Gloria, November 7, 1994

In the New Testament Presbuteros—πρεσβύτεροςmeans “elder” and refers to the custom of the congregation electing leaders and advisors from among the wisest members of the church. The church maintains a democratic form of governance with representative elections, separation of powers, and graded appeals.

To be a Presbyterian is to confess the Christian faith and promise to follow Jesus and His example for living. Presbyterians believe in God as known in the teachings and life of Jesus, and that the church is a universal company of His followers. Historically, Presbyterians have emphasized the importance of scripture, education, ecumenism, lay leadership, and concern for the common good.