Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the support that Christians offer one another in daily living and at times of need or crisis in personal and communal life. At House of Hope, pastors, as well as members serving as Stephen Ministers and Deacons are available to provide support when life becomes challenging.

We would like to hear from members when life changes occur and can help in making sense of these changes and finding a way forward. Members are welcome to let us know of both joys and concerns. If you or someone you know is in need of care, please contact Associate Pastor for Spiritual Life Julia Carlson at (651) 223-7553 or

If you are interested in giving your time and talents to our caring ministries, please contact Julia Carlson at (651) 223-7553 or

Church Office: (651) 227-6311

Pastor Phone: (651) 274-2083

Julia A. Carlson, (651) 223-7553,, click here for more information.