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House of Hope Books available for purchase

Journey of Hope

A comprehensive history of the church.

A Journey of  Hope by David Johnson, traces the history of the two churches founded by Edward Duffield Neill and the successors at Summit and Avon which since 1914, has been among the most well known and influential in American Presbyterianism. 

House of Hope Windows

By Anne H. Yuska and Richard L. Crone 

This full-color booklet describes the biblical and historical figures depicted in the exquisite House of Hope stained glass windows, and provides a brief history of the sanctuary and its stained glass artists.

A brief excerpt from The Forward: “As light shines from above through their images and dances across walls, pews, aisles and floor, the people depicted in these windows tell the story of our faith. In these pages, you will learn something about who they were. In discovering their stories, you are sure to discover something of your own story as well. ” The Rev. Dr. David A. Van Dyke, Pastor

House of Hope Compact Disks available for sale

Sing for Joy! (House of Hope Choir School, 2017)

Funds go towards future tours and special programing for Choir School.


Christmas at The House of Hope

This disk features the Motet Choir collaborating with the Bach Chamber Players of Saint Paul, harpist Min Kim along with organist Aaron David Miller and choirmaster Matthew Culluoton.

The House of Hope Organs

Featuring Nancy Lancaster, Organist

Featuring the 97-rank organ built by C.B. Fisk, Inc., 1979, the organ attributed to Ducroquet, 1852, and the Joseph Merklin organ of 1878. Recorded at The House of Hope Presbyterian Church, St. Paul, MN, November 1993.

Aaron David Miller presents J.S. Bach, Sweelinck and Mendelssohn

Aaron David Miller plays J.S. Bach, Sweelinck, Mendelssohn and Improvises on The Pasi Organ, Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, WA.

Choral Music from House of Hope

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