Cloister Art Gallery


We are excited to have a place for you to learn about upcoming artists and learn the history of the Cloister Gallery and discover all kinds of interesting information about the art in and around the House of Hope Presbyterian Church.

Barbara Riegel Bend is our May artist in the Cloister Gallery.

Artist Statement: As a fiber artist, I am drawn to the rich heritage of cloth and the story it tells through its color, design, and cultural history. I work with fabrics that have their own integrity and voice. In my fiber sculptures, I explore the interplay of cross-cultural fabrics stitched side by side with a reconfiguration of contemporary “throw away items” that share the pattern, color, or texture. I look to these items, such as snaps, rollers, zippers, for their design elements and ability to attach and repeat creating a rhythmic pattern on these fiber sculptures.

I create the armature of my sculptural forms from welded metal, fencing, or electrical wire. The shapes are built by tightly wrapped strips of knit fabric to create a solid form. The result is a firm, self-supporting structure that can withstand the weight of the materials I use. This structure allows my forms to flare with movement to express the spirit of life and energy of emotions. Visit to view more of Barbara Bend’s work.


Trudy O'Leary, (Elder and Chair of the Arts Committee)
Committee members:  Virginia Bailey, Emily Brenengen, Lola Christianson, Elly Clark, Margie Crone, Joan Frank, Sarah Jensen, Susan Koebrick, Mary Patton, Evelyn Sunness, Ann Wilson, John Hill.