Cloister Art Gallery


We are excited to have a place for you to learn about upcoming artists and learn the history of the Cloister Gallery and discover all kinds of interesting information about the art in and around the House of Hope Presbyterian Church.

During the summer months, the CLOISTER ART GALLERY will feature “The Great Human Race” lithographs by John L. Doyle. The original thirty lithographs are ordinarily displayed in the Great Hall. By the end of summer, we will display 9 monochrome stone prints, paired with their corresponding lithographs as well as other lithographs. “The Great Human Race” portrays the legends, the warriors, the culture, the youth, and the religions of mankind. The collection was given to The House of Hope by our late member Harlan D. Boss, in memory of Gene Dawley, who supported the arts and artists throughout his life.

 Margie Crone, (Elder and Chair of the Arts Committee)
Committee members:  Virginia Bailey, Emily Brenengen, Lola Christianson, Elly Clark, Joann Fabel,  Joan Frank, John Hill, Sarah Jensen, Susan Koebrick, Mary Patton, Patty Paulus, Evelyn Sunness, Elly Verhagen, Ann Wilson.