Cloister Art Gallery


We are excited to have a place for you to learn about upcoming artists and learn the history of the Cloister Gallery and discover all kinds of interesting information about the art in and around the House of Hope Presbyterian Church.

Watercolor and oil paintings by Marjorie Moody are on display in the Cloister Gallery during the month of April. Marjorie’s main concerns in painting are color, mood, rhythm and spontaneity. Marjorie likes to paint on location, and also works in the studio on larger canvases in a fairly loose, expressionistic style. Her subject matter includes florals, landscapes, figurative and abstracts. She has had solo exhibitions nationally and internationally. Her work is in private collections in the U.S., Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Canada and Italy.


Trudy O'Leary, (Elder and Chair of the Arts Committee)
Committee members:  Virginia Bailey, Emily Brenengen, Lola Christianson, Elly Clark, Margie Crone, Joan Frank, Sarah Jensen, Susan Koebrick, Mary Patton, Evelyn Sunness, Ann Wilson, John Hill.