Choir School

Music enriches our worship, creates community and friendships, and positively affects the way we learn and think. At The House of Hope Choir School, choristers learn to express themselves through music, sing high quality and challenging repertoire, participate actively in worship and grow in friendship and faith. The Choir School is open to all children ages 4-18, and no previous musical training is required. To sign up for an audition appointment or for further information, please contact director Sofia Ardalan at

Do you know a child who loves to sing? All children ages 4-18 are welcome to make a joyful noise in THE HOUSE OF HOPE CHOIR SCHOOL! Musical skills are taught through choral music in rehearsal, worship, and performance. Previous musical training is not required and you do not need to be a House of Hope member to join. Contact Choir School Director Sofia Ardalan at to set up an audition appointment.

Celebrating 34 years of excellence in choral music education

The House of Hope Choir School is open to both members and non-members of the congregation. Upon entering the Choir School, choristers embark on a rigorous course of musical study, including rehearsals, voice training, sight-singing and music theory. The opportunities for musical development are tremendous. In return, choristers are held to high musical standards. They are exposed to challenging repertoire and learn to sing at a high level. But the House of Hope Choir School teaches much more than just music. Choristers learn about commitment, perseverance and teamwork, a set of skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

The House of Hope Choir School has toured regionally and internationally in Canada, Norway, Denmark, Puerto Rico, England and Germany. It has also produced a number of recordings. Choristers enter the Choir School with varying degrees of musical experiences; prior musical training is not necessary. Potential choristers should enjoy music and singing and be able to commit to the rehearsal, worship, and performance schedule.


The Choirs                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Alleluia Choir- age 4-grade 1
St Cecilia Choir- grades 2-3
St Nicholas Choir- grades 4-12
St Andrew Singers- boys, grades 9-12
Cantamus- girls, grades 9-12

About The Faculty

The Choir School faculty is comprised of highly qualified musicians from the Twin Cities area. Each faculty member is chosen not only for musical expertise but also for the ability to impart musical concepts to young choristers in a dynamic and engaging manner.

Sofia Ardalan, Director
Jessica Bandelin, Assistant Director
Sarah Garner, Music Associate
Isabel Nord, Instructor

For more information regarding the choir school and the ensembles, please contact Sofia Ardalan, Choir School Director, at (651) 223-7548 or