The Calvin W. Didier Annual Seminar on Religion and Contemporary Thought

The Calvin W. Didier Annual Seminar on Religion and Contemporary Thought is a study opportunity typically comprised of a weekend event presenting an opportunity for participants to listen to and dialogue with an expert on a topic of current spiritual interest.

Eddie Glaude, Jr.  ~  April 7-8, 2017

Princeton University’s William S. Tod Professor of Religion and African American Studies. Glaude believes the Obama presidency has not brought us a post-racial society, and he says racism has distorted and disfigured our national character. Latest book: Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul (January, 2016).
Dr. Glaude is in high demand as a speaker and commentator. More details will follow.

Past Speakers and Topics:

  • 1998 - Rev. Dr. J. Andrew Overman - "Jews and Christians - How Did We Start and Where are We Headed?"
  • 1999 - Rev. Dr. Marcus Borg - “Jesus in Contemporary Scholarship”
  • 2000 - Dr. Richard Horsley -” Jesus Paul and the New World Order”
  • 2001 - Rev. Dr. Calvin Roetzel, Rev. Dr. Marilyn Salmon, Rabbi Barry Cytron- “ Contemporary Biblical Scholarship: What Have We Learned and What Does It Matter?”
  • 2002 - Dr. Elaine Pagels - “ The Challenge of the Gospel of Thomas: Different Views of Jesus and His Message”
  • 2003 - Dr. Gordon Kaufman - “How  Do We Do Theology Today? : Serendipitous Creativity”
  • 2004 - Dr. Dominic Crossan -” The Historical Jesus and the Kingdom of God Then and Now”
  • 2005 - Rev. Dr. ( Sir) John Polkinghorne -”Belief in God in an Age of Science"
  • 2006 - Dr. Don Swearer - “Buddhism”
  • 2007 - Rev. Dr. Martin Marty - “Must Faiths Collide?”
  • 2008 - Dr. Philip Jenkins - “The Next Christendom”
  • 2009 - Dr. Imam Seyyed Hossein Nasr -” The Heart of Islam”
  • 2010 - Rev. Dr. Cynthia Bourgeault - “Meditation and Visionary Seeing in the Christian Tradition”
  • 2011 - Dr. Wilson Yates, Prof. Michael Dennis Browne, and Dr. Stephen Paulus - "Theology, Spirituality, and the Arts." Rev. David Miller and Dr. Aaron David Miller - "Light in Deepest Night" (A Lenten Meditation, based on writings of Julian of Norwich)
  • 2012 - John Philip Newell - A New Harmony: The Spirit, The Earth, and the Human Soul"
  • 2013 - Professor Paul Knitter - "Must My God be Bigger than your God?" (Moving Beyond Competition to Cooperation).
  • 2014 - Dr. Amy-Jill Levine - "Jesus, Judaism and Christianity"
  • 2015 - Rev. Dr. Marilyn Salmon - "Jesus Then and Now"
  • 2016 - Diana Butler Bass - What Does It Mean To Say "I Am Spiritual But Not Religious?"