Statement from House of Hope

Statement from The House of Hope Presbyterian Church

The storming of our Nation’s Capitol on January 6, 2021 was horrifying, shameful, and disgraceful.

As a community of faith, we offer our prayers and support for those in our government who lived through this attack on our democracy, those who defended our Capitol, those who lost their lives, and those who were injured.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor who stood up against the rise of Fascism in Germany in the 1930s wrote these words: “But with your ‘yes’ to God belongs just as clear a ‘no.’  Your ‘yes’ to God requires your ‘no’ to all injustice, to all evil, to all lies, to all oppression and violation of the weak and poor, to all ungodliness, and to all mockery of what is holy.”

As a community of faith that has said “yes” to God, The House of Hope Presbyterian Church condemns injustice, evil, lies, those who seek to oppress the weak and poor, further ungodliness, and mock all that is holy in our world.