House of Hope feeds people’s thirst for knowledge through programs that bring issues and concerns of the world into our space by informing and inspiring discipleship. We offer many educational opportunities for all ages including adult enrichment and education, weekly Bible studies, retreats, seminars, and special events.



Music is integral to our faith at House of Hope. Sunday mornings include our Fisk organ, The Motet Choir, the Choir School, the Handbell Choir, and Noyes Memorial Carillon. 

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Children and Youth

House of Hope: where children, youth, and families build community and faith through education, service, and the arts!

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Adult Education

House of Hope provides adult members and visitors to pursue rewarding spiritual growth opportunities. Each educational offering is designed to fulfill the church’s mission of exploring the meaning of Christ’s teachings in our time.

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Sunday Series

House of Hope’s Sunday Series invites well-known speakers to discuss key issues of our day and artists to share their artistic engagement with life and faith.

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The Didier Seminar

This yearly seminar is dedicated to spiritual growth through the best comprehensive thinking in religion, the arts, letters and science.  We seek to present inspiring and acknowledged leaders in their various fields.

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