House of Hope feeds people’s thirst for knowledge through programs that bring issues and concerns of the world into our space by informing and inspiring discipleship. We offer many educational opportunities for all ages including adult enrichment and education, weekly Bible studies, retreats, seminars, and special events.


Children and Family Ministries

House of Hope aims to foster deep connections with God and one another, as well as providing a solid base for faith formation. Children from birth through grade 8 are invited to participate in worship,education, fellowship, play, and service to develop a foundation for a Christian lifestyle.

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Youth Ministries

House of Hope  supports the Christian formation of our youth, and their integration into the wider church community. Our goal is to provide our youth with a safe place to explore issues of faith, morals, social justice, and service.   Our youth also grow and learn about their faith through retreats, lock-ins, service projects and mission trips.   

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Adult Education

House of Hope provides adult members and visitors to pursue rewarding spiritual growth opportunities. Each educational offering is designed to fulfill the church’s mission of exploring the meaning of Christ’s teachings in our time. 

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Festival of Hope

In September 2020, House of Hope launched a new online conference. 


Congregational Care

At House of Hope, we feel it is important to  nurture an intentional Culture of Care that spans the spectrum of ages and needs within the church. Jesus constantly demonstrated that showing up for others is what feeds the self.

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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is the support that Christians offer one another in daily living and at times of need or crisis in personal and communal life. At House of Hope, pastors, as well as members serving as Stephen Ministers and Deacons are available to provide support when life becomes challenging.

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