HOH 2020 Pilgrimage

Please note:  This trip has been postponed to Sept 10-21, 2021.

Dear Pilgrims,

A few years ago, I went to an Advent retreat with Jill Geoffrion. We used a labyrinth and the Christmas story along with Jill’s insights to deepen both engagement and faith through the season.  Jill also spends time as a spiritual teacher in Chartre, France, working with visitors and retreat groups.  Our next House of Hope pilgrimage is centered on a three-day retreat with Jill. On arrival we will visit Rouen, the Normandy coast and Omaha Beach, Honfleur, The Bayeau Tapestry, and Mont Saint Michel. And then we go to Chartre to spend three days in retreat not only engaging with Jill but with the cathedral itself. It is one of the world’s  most beautiful cathedrals and an amazing structure both inside and out. We will have private time in the cathedral and the opportunity to walk the labyrinth. Following our visit to Chartre, we will have three nights in Paris with time for a panoramic tour and a day for independent exploration. The full itinerary for the trip is attached to this email along with the registration form

 We travel together seeking not only particular places but also Spirit. Martin Buber said, “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware,” some of those secret places are physical and some are spiritual. As Jesus used to say, “Come and see.”  All are welcome.

Rev. Julia Carlson