My Connected Life

I find businesses and service providers are continuing to send updates and assurances in response to the ever changing landscape of COVID-19. Today, it was my computer security software company assuring me that their “… commitment remains unchanged to protect your connected life….”

I think the key word for them is “protect;” for me I’m thinking about “my connected life.” Until now, I took that more for granted.

I think of it as a leap to light speed, but my colleagues Kiera and Sofia think of it as another day at the office. They created virtual Sunday, weekday and every day opportunities for Choir School and church school families and children. Get in touch with her at, if you wish to be invited to the Sunday morning gathering for children and families with Kiera and Sofia or the House of Hope Parents Facebook page. 

Another member is cleaning closets as she shelters in place. Like manna from heaven, she found a box of pictures. In sorting them, she decided to write some letters (with paper and pen!) to old friends and send pictures along.

And I have been Zooming along, learning how to do meetings and social hours online. I’ve also been calling folks – most of us are at home so this works well! Go to My HOH and find a phone number for a friend or acquaintance, and give them a call.  Someone else just reflected that the social isolation is harder than the physical isolation. This is something each one of us can address.  

Peace friends, Julia

If you need step-by-step instructions to set up My HOH, please send an email to