Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer (John O’Donohue in the pattern of St. Patrick’s Breastplate)


Thanks to you, O gentle Christ,

That you have raised me freely

From the black and the darkness of last night to the kindly light of day.

Thanks to you, O God,

That I have risen this day,

To the rising of this life itself.

May it be to your glory,

O God of every gift,

And to the glory of my heart and soul likewise.


I rise with God,

May God rise with me,

The hands of God about me

In my being, in my doing, and in my going about.


I arise and strengthen myself

With the power of the heavens,

With the light of the sun,

The shining of the moon,

The flame of fire,

The speed of wind,

The depth of the sea,

The steadfastness of land,

The stability of rock,

And the life-cycle greening power of this Earth.


I arise this day blessed by all things,

Wings of breath,

Delight of eyes,

Wonder of whisper,

Intimacy of touch,

Urgency of thought,

Miracle of health,

Embrace of God.


May I live this day

Compassionate of heart

Clear in word,

Gracious in awareness,

Courageous in thought,

Generous in love.


Oscail Mo Chroi (osceel ma cree)

Open My Heart