February 2018 Recommended Spiritual Read by Rev. Julia Carlson

Christ of the Celts: The Healing of Creation
by John Philip Newell
Jossey-Bass, 2008

John Philip Newell served as the warden of the Iona
Abbey several decades ago. Living in that ancient “thin place” prompted him to pursue a deeper understanding of the ways that the worship lives of the ancient Celts have enhanced Christianity. Christ of the Celts is a culmination not only of his own study and experience, but also includes the stories, challenges, and questions of believers from inside and outside the established Church.

Like the letters of Paul, Newell’s content holds certain truths he’s held from the beginning and shows his growth through ministry with real people, real questions, real suffering, and real joy. He weaves personal challenges—ours and his—with threads of pagan prayers, early Christian heresies, and Scripture into a view of membership in the “household of God.”  

Suggested book on prayer
Prayer, by Joyce Rupp
Orgbis Books, 2007