Evening Reflection and Prayer

Dear Friends,

During our trip to Ireland in the Fall of 2018, we spent time most evenings recapping our day, and talking about the moments that meant much to us. Here is the Evening Reflection and Prayer we used. It was quite meaningful to me then, and I have used it since our trip. These days…it’s all the more important to me.
Evening Reflection and Prayer
Practice the art of attention and listening – what did you see and hear today?
Practice the art of renewing yourself each day – 
what refreshed you today in heart, mind, body or soul?
Practice the art of meandering toward the center of every place – 
what drew you in today?
Practice the ritual of reading sacred texts – 
in what ways do you encounter the Holy today?
Practice gratitude and praise singing – 
for what and whom are you grateful today?
In wonder, what continues to unfold in you?
What fills you with awe today?