The Hub for Children and Youth

Credits: Music: “Love Wins” – Robbie Seay Band, 2007 Songwriters: Tjornhom Tedd / Mckelvey Douglas Kaine / Seay Robert Earl Love Wins lyrics © Birdwing Music, Meaux Hits, Tedasia Music Used with Permission


Children and Family Ministry

Birth through Grade 5

Faith formation utilizing storytelling , STEM activities, theatre, music, games, and community events build our faith community through play and creativity. We include opportunities for families to put faith into action through service projects and mission outreach.

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Youth and Family Ministry

Grades 6–12

We strive to equip youth with the skills needed to lead full and meaningful lives through service and learning. Our goal is to provide them with a place to explore issues of faith, morality, justice, and service. Our youth and families grow in faith and friendship through discipleship activities like The SUMMIT and the The Mess Hall, service projects, retreats, and mission trips.

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Choir School

Under the direction of Choir School Director Sofia Ardalan, choristers learn to express themselves through music, sing high-quality repertoire, and grow in friendship and faith.

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