Prior Crossing


Thank you for all the new closet supplies that have been collected over the past three months for Hope’s Closet at Prior Crossing. They are so pleased with the re-stock of the closet, as many residents have been moving out and new ones have been moving in.

Our next “collection mission” for Prior Crossing is food. When residents are hungry and need food support, we want to help Prior Crossing have a food supply with “no questions asked”.  A place where residents feel they can go to get their hunger needs met.

In that spirit, we are starting a collection for the Hope’s Food Pantry at Prior Crossing.  Please bring the following items to the white bin In the Assembly room at House of Hope whenever you can and feel moved to do so.

Packages of ramen noodles
Peanut butter
Macaroni and cheese
Canned veggies
Canned beans
Spaghetti O’s and Ravioli
Any non-perishable foods