Faith and Ethics at House of Hope

If faith is to make a difference in our lives and in the world, it must be connected to ethics. This month is a month to grow in our understanding of core ideas in the moral life.

January 6 | Ethics for Everybody

Rev. Dr. McDonald

This is an introduction to ethics, presented in a way that allows people to see themselves as moral actors, and become more aware of what God is enabling and empowering us to be and to do.

January 13 | Ethics:  Whatever Happened to Truth? 

Rev. Dr. McDonald

Using the idea of constructed worldviews, we will see some possibilities to get beyond the chaos of current public debates, and into a shared sense of truth.

January 20

Justice Choir Songbook
Tesfa Wondemagegnehu and Matthew Culloton will lead a discussion. 

January 27 | Ethics:  Stories, Roles, and Responsibility

Rev. Dr. McDonald

Using ideas derived from H. Richard Niebuhr and the Yale School, we will look into how our particular roles can be shaped by the Christian story.