Sunday-Weekday Connections

Join this intergenerational group of House of Hope women and enjoy stimulating discussion, friendship and fellowship. If you’d like more information, talk with us at the registration table, or leave your name and phone or email with the church office, and a member of the group will contact you.

Are you a House of Hope woman interested in meeting and getting to know other women in the church? Join us for Sunday-Weekday Connections, which brings together women of all ages and backgrounds five Tuesday evenings a year for good food, fellowship, and stimulating discussion in the Kirk Parlour. Whether you can attend once, or every month, all House of Hope women and their guests are welcome.

What to expect:

  •   Our evenings begin in the Kirk Parlour with a social time at 6 p.m. We enjoy a delicious dinner at 6:30, and then hear from our speaker. After some time for questions, we wrap up around 8:30 p.m.
  •   A House of Hope woman shares her story, reflects on her Monday-Saturday experience and how it connects to her faith.
  •   Cost is $25 per person for the meal and related expenses.
  •   For more information, look for the registration table outside the Kirk Parlour after worship beginning October 15, or call Linda Lane at 651-690-9661. Reservations can also be made through the Church Office.

Save the dates:
February 27, 2018 - Laurel Gamm
April 24, 2018 - Ginger Overbye                                        

Watch the bulletin and the weekly e-newsletter for more information.