Special Services

Liturgical year

The Liturgical Year commemorates the redeeming work of Christ. From earliest times, Christians have gathered for worship on Sunday, and found meaning in celebrating particular days that centered on a major event or aspect of the saving story. Gradually an annual calendar emerged, and by the fourth century its major features were in place. That basic shape remains today. Whenever it has focused on the saving events of Christ, it has played a major role in forming the faith of the people. In keeping the Sundays, festivals, and seasons of the liturgical calendar, we seek to live Christ-shaped lives, marking our time by the measure of his grace and patterning our days after his faithfulness and love. The calendar used by the Presbyterian Church (USA) reflects wide ecumenical concurrence. For an outline of the calendar, click here.  


Baptism is a sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (USA). According to Presbyterian policy, one of the parents must be a member of the church. The baptism of children witnesses to the truth that God’s love claims us even before we are able to respond in faith. As we recognize the sacramental nature and covenant vows of baptism, attendance at a baptism class and orientation session is a prerequisite for having a child baptized at House of Hope.

Baptism orientation sessions will be offered four times during the year- once each quarter- and are led by a member of the clergy staff of House of Hope. A tour of the nursery will be conducted for parents who are interested in seeing those facilities.

Please call Deb Tschida at (651) 223-7557 to schedule your child’s baptism and to register for the class.  Childcare for siblings will be available if requested.  Baptisms are ordinarily celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of each month. We look forward to celebrating God’s promises of grace at the baptism of your child.

To learn more, click the following link: Baptism Brochure


In a service of Christian marriage, a lifelong commitment is made between two people, publicly witnessed and acknowledged by the community of faith.  Please contact Teddy Altman at (651) 223-7541 regarding your desire to be married at the House of Hope. 

The church facilities are available for weddings to couples who agree to follow our wedding policies.  Pastors of House of Hope will preside at all ceremonies. Please contact Teddy Altman at (651) 223-7541 to schedule a wedding and to learn about wedding policies and fees.

Memorial and Funeral Services

The church facilities are available to all members of the congregation for memorial or funeral services.  A Pastor of House of Hope will preside at all services.  Clergy availability and previously scheduled events will be considered when planning a service.  Receptions can be arranged in the Kirk Parlour for House of Hope members.  Please click here for the Guidelines for Memorial and Funeral Services Brochure.

Memorial Garden

The Memorial Garden provides a space for House of Hope members to remember their loved ones in a place where their cremated remains have been interred. The Memorial Garden in the Garth is a reminder of preceding generations, and a sacred place for contemplation. The Garth is also a place of friendship and gathering, a connection between those in our faith community who have departed and those living today. To reserve a space for interment in the Memorial Garden, please contact the Director of Administration to begin the process.

To learn more, click the following links:   
Memorial Garden Brochure
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