Mission Outreach

The House of Hope is a haven that has stood for more than 160 years and sustains more than 1,600 members every day.  It is a place where we put HOPE into action as we minister beyond the borders of the building to strengthen communities. As one of God’s gathering places, House of Hope inspires and nourishes our members and community “partners.”  By celebrating our past, we are better equipped to understand the needs of the present and to build hope for our future through generous giving.

Our commitment is to open our doors of comfort and hospitality to the world. We are intentional citizens for social righteousness and good neighbors within this community.  We warmly embrace the needs of the poor, the sick, the lonely and the powerless by freely giving of our time, talents and funds.

House of Hope’s funding goals allow us to “proactively partner” with other nonprofits whose missions align with the funding goals of House of Hope.  The well-spring of House of Hope’s funding rises from a passionate commitment to social justice, human rights and artistic expression. 

Current Evaluation Process:  Funding is given locally, state-wide and internationally in the following areas:

  • diversity of age, race, culture & spiritual beliefs
  • affordable and emergency housing
  • health & vitality of elderly & single-parent families
  • youth development, mental health & education
  • chemical dependency and “second chance” social justice systems
  • artistic & spiritual expression
  • worldwide faith-partner missions

Funding for priority areas above are made possible through a combination of individual giving, open plate donations, planned estate giving, memorials and a special-restriction endowment.  Our will to do God’s work through donations, creates a stronger relational bond with those we ultimately support. Recipients are invited to fill out an online application or print one to mail to the Church office.   Members of the Mission Outreach Committee review all the received applications.     


Grant Application:  
Nonprofits [IRS 501 (c) (3)] interested in applying for funding should complete the Minnesota Common grant application found at: https://www.mcf.org/minnesota-common-grant-application-form  Please send a cover letter, completed grant application, and necessary supporting documentation requested in the application to the attention of David Goudzwaard-Vaught, The House of Hope Presbyterian Church, 797 Summit Avenue, Saint Paul, MN 55105-3392.  June 30 is the deadline for submission of grant requests. The committee will make final decisions in December and will contact applicants at that time.

House of Hope Faith Partners ministry is designed expressly for our church members by volunteers and pastoral staff. Our ministry was created in 2004, based on the positive results of a congregation-wide survey. Our program is part of a national effort underway in more than 100 places of worship.