March for Our Lives Free Park-and-Ride Registration

March For Our Lives, March 24th, 2018

House of Hope Presbyterian Church is offering a free park-and-ride bus service from the

Portland Avenue side of the church to either the Harriet Island or the State Capitol. 

1. Fill out the form below and Choose the March, the Rally or both.
2. The March will take 45mins from Harriet Island to the State Capitol beginning at 10:00am – buses will run from the HoH from 9am to Harriet Island every ~15mins
3. The Rally will be at the State Capitol starting at 11am - buses will run from the HoH from 10am to the State Capitol every ~15mins
4. Buses will return from the State Capitol to HoH every 15mins starting at 11:45am
5. You will receive an email giving you a time to arrive at HoH on Saturday morning. We will meet in the Assembly Hall.
6. There we will give you a brief orientation for the march and rally, a bottle of water, a 10”x15” cardboard sign to carry and get you on a bus when your turn comes.
7. There will be a room at the State Capitol for you to go to to get your return bus

*Are you unsure if this is something that our church should participate in because we would be “taking a political position?” According to PC (USA) Guidelines, taking part in a march is a perfectly allowable activity of "witnessing or lobbying in an attempt to influence issues or legislation”.  Click here