Great Decisions

GREAT DECISIONS is a non-partisan U.S. Foreign Policy discussion group established by the U.S. Foreign Policy Association and sponsored by Global Minnesota.

Saudi Arabia in Transition
Speaker: Molly Hayes - 4 p.m. - Kirk Parlour

As Saudi Arabia struggles to adjust to the drastic decline in oil revenue, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman attempts to transform the country and shift more power to the younger generation. At the same time, many countries such as the US point out the lack of democracy, women’s rights, and human rights in Saudi Arabia, and blame its promotion on Wahhabism, an extremely conservative version of Islam. Bipartisan criticism of Saudi Arabia is rising in Congress. Molly Hayes served as a foreign policy advisor for the State Department on the Middle East and East Africa from 2008–2014. As the counterterrorism advisor, she organized extensive engagement to counter violent extremism.

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