Adult Enrichment

Adult Enrichment - Sundays 11:15 a.m.-12:00 p.m. in the Assembly Room (unless otherwise noted)

October 22nd: John Calvin: Do We Love Him or Leave Him?

The sixteenth-century Protestant Reformer, John Calvin, is often hailed as the originator of modern Presbyterianism.  While venerated by some for his theological orthodoxy, he is reviled by others as a humorless killjoy, determined to put an end to fun of any kind.   Who was Calvin, and what did he actually do and say?  Was he a saint or a tyrant?  HOH member Stephen Brachlow will address these and other issues surrounding this complicated, brilliant and sometimes insecure leader of the Reformation in Geneva, Switzerland. 

October 29th: The Catholic "Counter-Reformation"

The Protestant Reformation not only created new denominations but also transformed the Church of Rome in what Protestants traditionally call the "Counter-Reformation".  How fair is that term? Might it not merely be more generous but also more honest to see a "Catholic Reformation" that was less a reaction and more of a renewal than we typically appreciate? Macalester Professor James Laine will present. 

November 5th: A History of Music at House of Hope

Join professor, HoH historian, and carilloneur David Johnson as he shares on the legacy of music – the choirs, instruments, and people that fill our history here at House of Hope.

November 19th: Christmas Books

Sue Zumberge, from Subtext Books in downtown St. Paul, will be joining us for our annual preview of books to give and receive this Christmas. Hear her recommendations on fiction and non-fiction, cookbooks and coffee table books, gifts for young readers and young adults, and suggestions from local authors.

November 26th: Adult Mental Health and Dementia - House of Hope member Tom Jensen, presenting.